• Faith of Doss
  • An Intimate God
  • Teach Me To Pray
  • Relationships
  • Living Well
  • Water and Sleep
  • Parenting
  • Plants and Fats
We gather to worship God, encourage one another and share a meal together each Saturday at 10 Cleopatra Street, Palmyra.

We also have Children programs and Bible study groups throughout the morning starting from 9:30am.

Our worship gathering starts at 11:00am and includes singing, sharing, giving and a practical message based on scripture.  You are welcome to participate in any aspect of the service or simply observe.  While you may be invited to get involved, there is no expectation for you to do anything you are uncomfortable with.  Check it out first, and when you're ready - give it a go!

At 12:30pm, for the first 4 weeks of the month, we have lunch in the hall and everyone is welcome to share a simple meal together. 

Please download our monthly newsletter or contact us for more details about what is happening during our gatherings.

If you would like to speak to our pastor, please phone 9319-2313, and leave a message.  Pastor Cameron Hooper will return you call within a few days.